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Feedbacks from our lovely lakambinis

This shop is my go-to for my cloth pads supply. All the products are hand-crafted with high-quality materials. The items are really absorbent and easy to wash with cute prints too! Jen, the owner is very accommodating too. Thank you and until our next transaction!


I've been using my clothpads from Bb. Lakambini for over 3-4 months straight now. I've scoured the net for reviews of brands and I chose Bb Lakambini since you can customize according to your needs. No regrets! Quality is just so worth every penny. Plus the very helpful infographics they have are so helpful especially for first timers like me who are making the switch to clothpads.


Jen, the brilliant brains behind Binibining Lakambini, is not just another mompreneur. She works hard to bring quality to the table, because she knows and understands firsthand the struggles we moms go through. That is how I know how much love and effort she puts into everything she makes, these wonderful pads included. I have used a number of different cloth pad brands, both local and foreign, but I daresay that Binibining Lakambini cloth pads are at par with the expensive, top of the line brands. They work well, they are comfortable, easy to use, and best of all, really pretty!


Starter Bundles

The Starter bundle includes all our sizes starting from 7" liner to 11.5" overnight pads.
This bundle is a good choice if you want to try all the sizes and see what length you are most comfortable with.


Wet Bags

Wet bags are used to store your cloth pads. They are made of water resistant fabric that prevents moisture and odor from coming out.



Available until supplies last