Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use for your pads?

A: The layers of materials used for Bb. Lakambini pads consists of:

1) Topper: the top-most layer and the fabric that touches your skin. We have cotton with different weaves like cotton flannel, woven or knit and we also offer bamboo fleece as topper.
2) Core: the middle layer used to absorb all the liquid. We use heavy organic bamboo/cotton fleece. It is very trim, absorbent and hold on to the liquid, preventing compression leakage. The number of layers increases as the level of absorbency increases.
3) PolyUrethane Laminate: as hidden layer, also known as  PUL. We use PUL for all our pads except for the liners. It's a water resistant fabric that prevents leaking.
4) Backer - the last layer and the fabric that is against your undies. We use polyfleece because it has a good grip and does not make your pads move around even when you are super active. It is also made of very dense fabric that adds another layer of protection against leaking.

How to wear a Bb. Lakambini pad?

Bb. Lakambini pads are designed to have the pretty print on top. Because a girl can still have some fun while she's on her period right? 🙂

The solid color fleece goes against your undies. The snaps are then snapped underneath.

You can also pull the pad either more on the front or more on the back. One good thing with using reusable cloth is that you get to be more in tuned with your flow. So next time you see that you are a back bleeder, just pull that pad more towards the back! 🙂

How many do I need?

Buy all the pads! 😁

As a start, it's good to base it on how many you use for a day, and then multiply it to 2. The first batch is for using on the first day, then you have to wash them immediately on the second day. Then you use the second batch on the second day. On the third day, you can use the first batch again (hopefully it's sunny and everything has dried then). 😁
For example, if you use 4 pads during the day and 1 overnight pad during the night, you need at least 8 day pads and 2 overnight pads. But this still is depending on the how often you wash and how fast laundry dries in your place.

What are the different toppers?

We offer mostly cotton fabrics for our toppers. They are categorized into 3 kinds of weave: flannel, woven and knit. Cotton flannel is a very soft fabric. It has a low nap (himulmol) that ensures liquid will be absorbed fast. It has a tendency to pill (maghimulmol) though. Cotton woven comes in many cute designs. It has no nap, so it is very flat. So it may take a while for the liquid to sit on top and a bit longer to absorb (but the delay is not really felt). Woven is great for daily liners. Think of t-shirts for cotton knit. It has a slight stretch and is very breathable. But due to its stretchiness, it stains more easily (nothing that a good laundry routine won't fix).

We also have organic bamboo velour. OBV has this luxurious feel on your skin, almost like velvet. It has a high nap thus ensuring quick absorbency.

What are your available sizes?

Each Bb. Lakambini pad comes with a size indicator at it's left snap. The 4 sizes are XS, S, M, and L. All sizes except XS comes with hidden PUL.

XS pad measures about 7". On default this comes without PUL and with least absorbency, SUPER LIGHT. This is great for daily use.

S stands for short day pads and measures about 8". M stands for medium day pads and measures about 10". For day pads, you can choose between these 2 sizes. Those that bleed in the center, tends to choose the short pads. While if you tend to bleed more on the front or back, the medium pad will suit you better. Available absorbency levels are LIGHT, MODERATE, and HEAVY.

L stands for long overnight pads and measures 11.5". This pad is best for overnight use. Because of its flared design, it ensures that it will catch that back flow during the night. Absorbency levels are MODERATE, HEAVY and SUPER HEAVY. This pad, when in super heavy absorbency, works really well for postpartum bleeding.